Message From The Chairman

Bangladesh is a seafaring nation, with history of thousand years. Bangladesh seafarers have proved their capability through their skill and professionalism. I have been working with these very skilled and professional people since the last ten years and found that they are capable and at par, if not better, with any other nationality. As a founding member of Global Ocean Shipping Services Ltd. my intention was to promote them to the global market. I am delighted to say my wish is being materialized as Marine hive endeavors to penetrate new markets. We want to be the best in Bangladesh. Our goal is to provide the maximum possible support to the owners while creating new opportunities for our seafarers.


He has been engaged in crewing business in Bangladesh for over a decade, with very strong connection with local authorities and seafarers. He is well acquainted with the trade craft of international manning business. Previously he was owner of Sea King Marine Services and Marine Hive Ltd., Managing director was working with many Chinese Vessels Ownership like as Dingheng Shipping Company Limited, Pan World International / Wuhan Pan World Fleet Management Co. Ltd., Ming Yang Ship Management Co., Donghai Ship Management Co., Qingdao Global Ocean Ship Management Co., Shanghai Sinoship Management Co., Global Marine Ship Management Co. Ltd, etc.


Kazi Abdul Wadood


B.Sc (CU), HRD, Sales & Marketing (Dhaka)

Mobile: +880 1782 666 777


WeChat: wadood777