Global ocean

Crew Manning & Management

Global Ocean Shipping Services Limited has been a well-established market leader in crew management since 2009 The growth in world trade together with the increasing merchant fleet has created a major challenge in the availability of well-trained seafarers. To meet this challenge our company places great emphasis on sustainable crewing that focuses on the education, training and retention of seafarers.

Seafarer retention is today a vital element of good crew management and by provision of good services to the seafarer, good working conditions and an attractive employment package, Global Ocean Shipping Services Ltd. is able to achieve a very high retention rate. This enables our company to meet complex industry challenges such as the Oil, Chemical, Bulk and others companies experience matrix.

Global Ocean Shipping Services Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of crew management services that are tailored to each client’s requirements. Our company utilizes state of the art crewing software that allows for detailed crew planning and pooling.

With an experienced workforce spread across its network of offices, Global Ocean Shipping Services Ltd. as well as position to meet today’s challenges of Crew Management.

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